Rules applied to sent emails


Hi all, 


I've had a rule applied to all of my outgoing mail which puts a 1 minute delay on actually sending the email. It's worked flawlessly for years, and has been very useful for catching when I forget to actually attach things that I was intending to attach, or saying the wrong thing in the heat of the moment etc. 


The rule is still working and available in my outlook on my computer, however is not available on the Outlook web app or office 365. The rest of the rules I have (mainly for filing various emails into various folders) have stopped working recently and i've tried to troubleshoot a bit including deleting and recreating the rules. 


It seems that I can no longer apply rules to my outgoing mail for some reason? I've then opened a draft email, clicked on the options tab, and gone to "Delivery Delay" but that isn't really what I need either. 

Does anyone know why the option to apply rules to outgoing mail is no longer possible or am I just being a bit daft?


Thanks in advance.



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