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Good morning!  I need to be able to highlight emails that have NOT been marked as complete (ticked).  I then want to return these to"unread".  In our business, any emails that have not been marked as complete (ticked) need to be highlighted.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of staff sharing this mailbox and they often open the emails and leave them marked as read.  They are supposed to mark as complete (tick) if it has been addressed.  We have missed several very important emails for this reason, so I want to run a rule that any emails that have not been ticked (but are showing as "read"), will return to an "unread" state.  Could you please help with this?  Thanking you in advance.

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Use Conditional formatting for that - go to View -> View settings -> Conditional formatting -> Add -> configure as necessary. You'll probably have to use the Advanced controls for this specific scenario.