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Hi Experts
User has a rule setup on his outlook. when email is being received by user1@mydomain.com with subject "xyz" forward the mail to abc@gmail.com. The rule was working fine and suddenly it stops working, rule has been deleted and recreated but same issue,outlook profile has been reconfigured but no luck.i i am using exchange hybrid, i dont have any transport rule not forwarder created on mailbox,. i am not able to check if the outlook rule triggered the mail or not, the rule  was working fine and it stops working suddenly. experts guide me to troubleshoot


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Things we need to check.


Does the Outlook rule works if we ran it manually.

If yes then you need to check if this user mailbox is configured to receive journaling NDR.


As per the below article the transport rule and the mailbox rule don't work for a mailbox. If the mailbox is setup to receive undeliverable journal reports.


Transport and mailbox rules in Exchange Online or in on-premises Exchange Server don't work as expec...


You can check the same after login to Office 365 as a Global admin.


  • Use the admin account to sign in to https://portal.office.com or https://outlook.office365.com/ecp
  • On the global navigation bar, click Admin, and then click Exchange.
  • Click Compliance Management, and then click Journal Rules. Review the value for the Send undeliverable journal reports to setting.

This may not be the exact solution, but its good to have a look for the same.



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