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Hi everyone

As part of my job, I have permission to send email from more than one mailbox.

I want to create a rule, when I get specific mail I will forward it to the distribution list. 

Is there an option to define the address I want to use as a sender in the rules section? (from: field)


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you cannot do what you want using Outlook rules.
If you run Outlook against Exchange online, try to create a Power Automate flow.
If you run Outlook against Exchange on-site, try to create a routing agent for Exchange.

Hi @Victor Ivanidze 

Thanks for the replay!

Unfortunately, the power automate flow doesn't let me send on behalf of other addresses (even due I have permissions for it and I can send email from those addresses from the outlook itself).

If you know how it can be operated I would be happy to use the flows


Hi @Nadavbr4,


did you manage it working? 

Not yet, since as far as I understand I cannot use send as with a shared mailbox
It has to be an actual mailbox with permissions for others to send from it.
So I'm currently stuck and approach my IT team in the company
In fact, you can send as a shared mailbox. There is an action named "Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2)" in "Office 365 Outlook" connector,
I know, it doesn't work either...
It works fine for me. If you wish, I'll try to help you in solving the problem.
Please describe in details what exactly doesn't work.
Hi, I managed to fix it thanks!
I have another question.
My flow is triggered by completing Microsoft form.
I want to send the answers from the from in a table.
How do I take the answers and implement it in a table, when the first column is the question and the second is the answer from the form?