Room Finder - Outlook 1908

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Hello, I recently updated my version of Office 365 Pro Plus to version 1908 (Build 11929.20606). Now Room Finder within Outlook is not displaying any available rooms from the Room list, It just displays 'None' when I select my Room List. Previously I had Office 1902. I still have another PC with 1902 and it shows available rooms for the same time period. Has anyone seem this issue or seen Room Finder working with Office 1908?



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Hello @5teven 

I have the same problem on several PC's where office 365 pro is updated to version 1908. PC's running an older version do not have the problem.
We have 3 buildings to choose meeting rooms from, on the room finder list, but the problem only occurs on one of the buildings, displaying "none" like you wrote. 

Hi, Same in our organization where we just did testpilot for semi annual 1908 from JAN20



We only had one room list and this seemed to be causing the issue.  We created a 'dummy' room list with no rooms and this fixed the issue.