Room Calendar Not Syncing

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I'm using Outlook 2016 Semi Annual Targeted Release.

I've created a calendar appointment in a room. The room has accepted the appointment and I can see it in the Free/Busy info if I look in Scheduling Assistant.

However, when I have the Room's calendar open in the Calendar view, it is not showing up. I've waited 1 hour so far and still nothing. I've tried increasing the sync rate, closing/reopening the calendar, and still no update in the calendar view. The calendar properties (shown below) says it was last synced at 8:36 AM, it is now 9:44 AM.

calendar properties.PNG

What do I need to do to get the Calendar to sync so I can see the appointment I added?



The Room calendar finally updated at 11:54 AM, almost 3 1/2 hours later. Is there anyway to make the updates happen quicker?


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The fastest way probably is to remove the room calendar and re-add it. Simply deselecting it does nothing in terms of sync.


If you are having other similar issues, it might be a case of corrupted cache file.

I had removed and re-added the Room calendar to no affect.

As I updated my original post, it ended up taking 3 1/2 hours for the Room calendar to update. Is there any way to have that not be so long?

I've talked to a couple others that are having similar updating issues with calendars and not just room calendars but opened user calendars as well.

So I guess the question remains, is there way to increase the sync rate (or manually sync) an opened calendar so one doesn't have to wait 3 or more hours for it to auto-update?

This is definitely not working as expected, and if you can reliably reproduce it you should open a support case. I'm not aware of any option to configure the sync interval, it should happen ASAP as far as I'm aware. @Julia Foran might be able to share more info.

Thanks for the info and I'll open a ticket Monday.

But for anyone encountering the same issue and for @Julia Foran here's what I've done.

  1. I removed my Outlook Profile and completely emptied my \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook folder of files
  2. I opened Outlook Desktop and re-setup my account.
  3. I opened a Room calendar and added a meeting for it at :07. and received an Accept reply. The meeting showed up on my own and the Room's calendar almost instantly.
  4. I then added another item to the same Room at :09 and received an Accept reply. The meeting showed up on my calendar but not the Room's in Outlook Desktop.
  5. I verified in OWA and both meetings show up in mine and the Room's calendar.
  6. The meeting didn't show up in the Room's calendar in Outlook desktop until :18, so almost 9 minutes later.

When doing similar steps (by myself and other users) that time in step 6 can go up to 3 hours before the item shows up in the calendar in Outlook desktop.

Hi Cary,


Opening a case sounds like the best approach. If it's showing up in free/busy, then the service has updated the calendar.


The windows client currently has its own logic for when to sync shared calendars. We are actively working on upgrading the client so that it can use the new shared calendar model (described here), and when that is released, the calendars would be always in sync with the service.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Pressing F9 will force the update. The other option is to close outlook completely and re-start the application to update.


@thisisaprofilename wrote:
Pressing F9 will force the update. The other option is to close outlook completely and re-start the application to update.

Neither of those recommendations work.

Then you may have a corrupted outlook profile.


@thisisaprofilename wrote:
Then you may have a corrupted outlook profile.

Nope, don't have a corrupted profile. Have recreated profiles several times.

@Cary Siemers 

So since March has there been any resolution towards this issue. 


No, I have not seen this bug being fixed yet. Live syncing is not happening on calendars.

We are having the same or a similar issue. Any of our users who schedule a meeting and choose a location at one of our plants, see that the conference room are not booked when they actually are in the local plants calendar. The location available time/date does not seem to be synchronizing between calendars. @Cary Siemers 


Yeah, unfortunately the issue has been out there for over 2 years now and despite a promise from Microsoft that there was an immanent fix (back in early 2019) it hasn't been delivered.

I have told my users that they have to look at Free/Busy information to get close to live information as obviously Microsoft has no intention of fixing the issue any time soon.


is works a treat @thisisaprofilename