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For one of our users an extra agenda folder has been added in outlook. The original is called Calendar, the new is called Agenda. The new one is now the default calendar folder and new appointments are made. In old, however, appointments are mainly repetitive. How do I delete the new calendar and set the old one as the default Calendar folder?

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Switch the Calendar folder to a List View and then move the contents to the Agenda folder as that is marked as the default Calendar folder. You can now delete the Calendar folder as that is just an additional folder now.


Most likely, the entire mailbox has been switched to Dutch folder names. To change this back to English, you can use Outlook on the Web. See: Rename the default folders

Hi Robert, this helped as we have copied all the appointments to the new calendar folder. Now we want to delete the old, but outlook says we have not enough rights to delete the calender

Hi Hans


You can try deleting the calendar using MFC Mapi.




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