Report Spam (to a specific Account) Button deployment in Outlook/Exchange 2016 on Prem

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Hello Tech Community!


this is actually my first time posting here, after a long time lurking and finding help :) So thanks for all your good ideas so far!



We need to deploy a "Report Spam/Mail" function in Outlook of our Users, that deletes a selected Mail and forwards it to a specific account on our exchange. The first idea, doing so via Quick-Step works fine, but cannot be deployed to all users. 


So now we are looking for a solution to implement a "local" Report function. What idea´s would you guys have?


We have full control over our Exchange 2016 OnPrem; aswell as full client management where we can run scripts, place files, edit registry, and so on..  O365 is planned, but still a bit ahead. OS is Win10 1803 & 1909 and a good two handfull Mac-Clients.




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Hi @AlexanderKotowski  (привет!),


I believe you have to create an add-in for Outlook that will do the same as you have done via Quick Steps.

Pro: you can deploy the add-in on Windows-based machine via policy.

Contra: as far as I know it's impossible to create an add-in for Outlook for Mac.



Thank you for your reply, That´s actually on way we´re reaching out for. unfortunately our internal dev´s and programmers are busy with another project. But i found an external Plugin "Free Phish Alert" from company "knowBe4", maybe we´ll get in touch with them.

The term "Free Plugins" sounds and feels very shady, but our security officer seems to know that company, so... we´ll see.

An internal solution that comes with Exchange/Outlook would be better.