Report Message add-in broken

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The "Report Message" add-in from Microsoft went missing from all of my users' Outlook clients the other day. Checked out Central Deployment and attempted to refresh it and got the following error:


Refresh ‎Report Message‎

XML Schema Validation Error. Error found during XML Schema validation.
  • XML Schema Violation. Your manifest does not adhere to the current set of XML schema definitions for Office Add-in manifests.
Appears to be a bug with the latest releast (v1.0.17.903) - anyone else affected or know a work around? I've opened a support case.
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If anyone's curious it started working again last night. Version number didn't get bumped but could have just been a minor backend change they made to fix it.

@Paul Youngberg This is occurring for us as well. It sounds like we might just need to wait it out given your experience. Thanks.


This is happening for us as well. I assumed it was related to incident IDMO193583 but the incident is now closed and the problem's still persisting.

@LukeMorehead has waiting resolved this for you?

@JChup Yes it resolved itself overnight.