Reply To All addresses from a forwarded email.

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Hi Everyone,


I have been forwarded an email and the original email contains numerous email addresses.

When I click 'Reply To All' Outlook only replies to the person that has forwarded the email.


I need to Reply to all of the addresses, is there a way to do this with one click?


Thank You......

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Hi @DonTaylor143 


I am an independent advisor answering Outlook questions.


The short answer is No. You can only "reply to all" listed in the latest email. As you already know, this results in copying and pasting the email addresses from the email body. 


However, I think this is an excellent idea for feature functionality.  You can give Microsoft this feedback. You will get my vote. So please include the link to your feedback post in this thread. 


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Hi Teresa,

Thanks for your help.

I will send feedback to Microsoft, it will be interesting to hear their opinion.

I will keep you informed of their replies.