Rendering issues in Outlook (current channel, 64-bit)

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Windows 11, O365, AMD GPU, Intel 12th gen.

Outlook has significant rendering defects that make it difficult to use.  When mousing over items on the File menu, chunks of visuals from other portions of the menu are rendered instead of the hovered item, and moving the mouse around will eventually make it render correctly.  The issue is easily reproduced.

Similarly, using the keyboard OR mouse in the main inbox view to move down the list of emails will hop out of order instead of linearly downward, however it is a rendering defect - the actual selected item is correct if you mouse around to trick it into rendering the selected item, and it will select the correct item despite displaying the wrong one.

Also noticed the same menu item defects in Word and PowerPoint for O365, so this is an office-wide issue.  There is no way to disable hardware rendering in the newest O365, so you can't disable GPU rendering to see if that fixes it (why would MS remove this?).  This is NOT a 32-bit issue - I verified this is the 64 bit version, and is up to date.

No other applications on the system have this issue just O365.

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Same here. 64bit Windows 10, 64bit Office/Outlook. With a 5120x1440 resolution display we see frequent Outlook rendering issues throughout the day every day. Windows and Office are fully up to date, and experimented with different Graphics boards (Nvidia Quadro/RTX a2000 6GB, Intel onboard graphics, AMD 4GB RAM graphics, etc) . unfortunately we cannot bring the user backward to Office 2010 to try to solve this. Outlook interface corruption also includes blank/white screen elements where text is expected, or blacked out screen elements instead of text/graphics. Any assistance is appreciated.