Reminders not working for subfolders under Inbox

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I'm using Outlook  of Office 365 for Windows. I have just one default datafile and corresponding one Enterprise Office 365 account setup on it. I get all the reminders for the quick followups I set for an email in Inbox. But, I dont get any reminder for the emails moved to the subfolders under Inbox. Is there a way I can get those reminders as well?

I do see all my followups in the To-Do task Bar of Outlook, but it would really help if I get the reminder pop-up on the time I had set the followup for.


I searched all places and found lot of links showing how to enable reminder notifications for any extra datafiles, but not for subfolders under the default datafile.


How do I enable it?




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You should definitely get reminders for flagged messages in any folder in the mailbox. Did you confirm a reminder was set when you flagged the message? 


Note: the above does not apply to IMAP accounts - those flags don't support reminders, in any folder.


Thanks for confirming that I should get those reminder notifications! to reconfirm whether a reminder was actually set, I opened few of the mails I had set for follow-up, from my "To-Do" bar (for which I didnt get any reminders) and found that it had the reminder date & time showing for an earlier date & time. Ironically, when I hover over these mails, screenshots.png

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