Regional settings default setting for all mailboxes

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I have the command to run to set all my current migrated mailboxes in the cloud to the correct timezone but that only seems to apply to all current existing mailboxes.  


If I use the "Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration" command then 10 minutes create a new user then I need to run the command again.


Is there a way to set a permanent default rather than having to run the powershell over and over?



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No, there is no way to set a default regional configuration.

That's just one of the examples why many companies use "mailbox provisioning" scripts. Other examples include disabling protocols (POP/IMAP usually), configuring quotas, enabling Auditing, even putting mailboxes on hold.


You might consider adding this as a step in your provisioning workflow, or simply scheduling a task that runs PowerShell to periodically update mailbox settings.

Great thank you!