Recover deleted emails

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Hi, one of my users has recently 'lost' nine months worth of messages from her Inbox. She was logged in on Friday and all was well, logged on again on Monday and the last nine months of her Inbox was missing. There are older messages and messages arriving this week are showing up no problem. Messages in other folders are shown for that period, and she is adamant that she did not delete them.


I've checked her mailbox and the messages have not been moved to another folder, they are not in the Deleted Items folder and are not showing up in Recover Deleted Items. I have checked that it is not a cached file problem as it is the same when accessing the mailbox in non-cached mode and via the Outlook web app.


I am fairly certain that the user did not do this as she would have had to select and delete the messages, then go to Deleted Items and select and delete just those messages, and then go to Recover Delete Items and select those messages and Purge. She is not IT literate enough to have done all of that, for example she was entirely unaware of the Recover Deleted Items option.


Any ideas on what else I can look for to see if these messages can be recovered?


Many thanks, Eddie


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