Recently deleted items to remain in Deleted Items folder

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Hi there,


We would like to remove the option to 'Recover items from recently removed from this folder' in the Deleted Items folder and RETAIN all the deleted emails in the Deleted Items folder.


We don't want auto-deletions of deleted items in the folder.


Ultimately, we just want to have ALL deleted items remain in the Deleted Items folder. Unless we manually remove them ourselves.

Is there a way around this? 



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This is actually the default behavior in Office 365/Exchange Online - items will stay in the Deleted items folder indefinitely, unless the user decides to (re)move them. So if you are using O365, there's nothing to configure.

If you are not using O365 or have modified the default set of retention policies/tags, you will need to create a new policy with Deleted Items tag set to "Never delete".

@Vasil Michev Thank you. We are using O365 but just want all deleted emails to remain in the Deleted Items folder. We don't want them going into the 'Recover items recently removed from this folder' area.

I'm confused as to why emails go into that Recover Deleted Items area - why can't they all just stay in Deleted Items.