Receiving Groups Email For Outlook 2013

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Currently using Office365. Few clarifications on Outlook 2013.

1) How do I get the Groups email deliver to "Inbox" of user? Since Outlook 2013 doesn't shows the "Groups" folder. Currently user with Outlook 2013 is not able to receive email that was send to the Groups.

2) Is it possible to make the "Groups" folder appeared in Outlook 2013, just like how it shows in Outlook 2016?


I tried enabled "Follow in Inbox > Receive all email and events" under Groups setting, but still user with Outlook 2013 did not receive the Groups email in their Inbox.

Any advice?


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@cllee there is no support for Groups with OL 2013, so your second question is not possible. See here and here for more information.


Question 1: you could try to use PowerShell and enable AutoSubscribeNewMembers but I haven't tested this before with OL 2013.