"View Settings" Menus Removed throughout Windows Desktop Outlook 2016?

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Just updated to office 365 build 1710 8625.2121 today and found a big change in Windows Desktop Outlook 2016: it appears that the "View Settings" menu has been removed from all the places it used to be, e.g. : by right-clicking the labels at the top of any view, or by going to the View ribbon in any view. Is this a bug or a feature change? If an intended feature change it's a huge step backwards. See image below for View ribbon change before and after. Anyone know what's up?



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I, too, am very concerned about the missing "View Settings" on Outlook's View tab of the ribbon menu.  I've put a lot of effort into my Views in Outlook and use different views extensively.  To have this "View Settings" function just up disappear from the menu is not good.  I even tried to add "View Settings" to Outlook's Quick Access Bar and it will not function; it remains grayed out.  


It also seems that "View Settings" has been removed from the right-click menu when selecting Outlook's column headers when viewing any list.  That is not good either. 


If this is a bug, could you be so kind as to acknowledge it as so, and could you also please let us know when this will be rectified? 


However, if the Outlook team is taking has decided to removing this feature, I have to agree with the previous post that this is a huge step backward.  This feature gives a user the ability to slice, dice, and view their Outlook data anyway they want.  Please do not take this away from Outlook users.


Pic on top, Outlook before version 1710 8625.2121 the right-click "View Settings..." were available.

Pic on bottom, Outlook version 1710 8625.2121 the "View Settings..." is gone from the right-click menu.


Right-click menu gone for view settings..PNG     right click gone.PNG


It's just a know bug in the current Insider build. It's already fixed in a later build that is not yet available to Insiders.

Thanks for the info. It is appreciated.

Right click to sort views still does not work after many builds.  I'm on version 1801 (build 8828.2010).

Power users sort and change views very frequently by date, from, to etc.

Please restore this 

Right-click, Reverse sort? It's working for me in 1801. Clicking on the field name works too.  Have you tried resetting the view?