"Stop processing more rules" & "Stop Ignoring" features

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Hi I am having lots of problems from a particular sender of junk who sends me 100-200 emails into my junk (from different email addresses everytime).  I've been told before that you can only control inbox and not junk with rules?  However, my rules have stopped working in the main and when I click into them I can see that the following is ticked "Stop processing more rules".  When I untick, save and return its still there and ticked - see pic below.




Now many years ago I set my outlook (former hotmail account) up to ignore everything unless I said it was safe.  This has meant that I get "junk" emails which are still important to me to sieve through so I'm now losing this in the hundreds I'm getting from this account.


Finally, I also notice that there are some email addresses that go directly to a bin that are the same, solid addresses that I need to see.  The "Stop ignoring" option does not make these safe, they still go to bin when I dont want them to.


Ive raised many tickets with Microsoft about these but they dont do anything.  The controls over emails seems to be getting worse.


Can anyone offer help to resolve?




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