"Set default From address" in Outlook.com settings should reflect on Outlook client

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When "Set default From address" in Outlook.com is set, and the email account is added into the Outlook client, the default From address is taken from the Microsoft account settings and not the Outlook.com settings.


This is a particular problem for people with a personalised email addresses, since the instructions specifically say not to make the personalised email address the primary email alias for the Microsoft account: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/get-a-personalized-email-address-in-microsoft-365-75416a5...


Therefore, the Outlook email client should use the default From address as configured on Outlook.com.

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  @DonnyM  I completely agree and support your request for the change in Outlook. I had the situation today. After setting up a personalised email address, Outlook desktop on Windows doesn't pick up that address by default, despite being set up to be the default in outlook.com. When starting a new email it's necessary to click on the "From" drop-down list, choosing the personalised  email address manually (it appears in the list for selection after it has previously been added manually as "Other Email Address"). But that's just a workaround and can easily be forgotten so I hope this can be fixed quickly. I expect it's an oversight. If it gets fixed, it needs to support email signature correctly as well.


Interestingly, on my iPhone I was able to set up the email account as Email address removed and then manually change the email address to be the personalised one. That works and emails are sent from the personalised address. But it's not possible to fix up the email address in Outlook / Control panel mail on Windows. It can't be edited.




Just re-create your Outlook profile.

@Victor Ivanidze re-creating the Outlook profile does not change the behaviour. Outlook.exe does not respect the Outlook.com "default From address" setting.

I agree with DonnyM. I recreated the Outlook profile and the default from address is still not picked up from the Outlook.com setting. Everything else seems to work fine - emails sent to the personalised address are received correctly and display it in the "to" address; replies to such emails are automatically sent from the personalised address, as expected. In my recent testing I've only found the problem with the "From" address when composing a new email.
Not relevant, that article is about replies.
1) add gmail account to your Outlook profile and make it the default one.
2) remove your outlook.com account
3) restart Outlook
4) add outlook.com account and set is as default
5) restart Outlook
6) make sure the default From address is correct
7) remove gmail account
And after doing all that, Outlook.exe still does not respect the "default From address" setting in Outlook.com.
Well I have no more idea, sorry.
Did you try to contact MS support?

@Victor Ivanidze no, but I did speak to the very knowledgeable Diane Poremsky: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/outlook-is-sending-from-the-wrong-email-ad...


Her workaround, whilst it does work, also goes directly against the advice in the FAQ.


That led me to create my post, with a recommendation for people to upvote my suggestion in the feedback portal.