"Send only" account in Office 2019 not working

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I'd like to be able to send, but not receive, e-mails from my University account. It's a Microsoft account but with a @universityname.ac.uk suffix. It uses dual authentication and I wonder if that may be part of the problem.


In Outlook 2019, I do the following:


  1. Go to “Send/Receive”
  2. Select “Send/Receive Groups”
  3. Select “Define Send/Receive Groups”
  4. Select “All Accounts  Online Only” (This is the only option)
  5. Select “Edit”
  6. Select my University e-mail account
  7. Uncheck “Receive Mail Items”
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Close

If I send myself a test message from my University account it sends it, but also receives it. Does everyone else stop receiving e-mails when they uncheck receive? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


Any help would be much appreciated! :)

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Forgive me but I cannot imagine why somebody needs a send-only account. Are you a spammer?
Hi Victor,
I appreciate it is an odd request. I want to be able to toggle my account to send only because I want to be able to 'batch process' my e-mails to increase efficiency.

In the morning, I want to be able to open my inbox and look all the e-mails from the day before that I've not been able to deal with. But I don't want to get distracted by new e-mails coming in. I want to be able to respond to the e-mails I've received form the day before (i.e. send) but not receive until later in the day. If I don't check my new e-mails until after midday, then it gives me some quiet time in the morning to do other tasks. The authors of this book discuss this idea: https://maketime.blog/
The option is there in Outlook, which makes me think some other people must do this!
Many thanks!

Ah, now I understood. In fact you don't need a send-only account, you need to receive the messages by a schedule. If you run your Outlook against Exchange online (Office 365), you can create a Power Automate flow that will do what you want.
Thanks Victor,
Is that possible with Outlook 2019? Could you send me a link to some instructions?
Many thanks,

No it's not possible natively. You have to write a Power Automate flow yourself or hire somebody.

Thanks @Victor Ivanidze 


It seems odd that there is an option to do this in the menus of Outlook 2019, but that it's not possible to do it without writing some code?

Hi @portmoon

what "option to do this" do you mean? Could you please show it?

Hi Victor, I've just been on the phone to microsoft support and they were able to fix my problem. I can now work in offline mode and I have a "send only" option. The problem was that I had multiple accounts in my outlook profile so I have created a new profile with just one account. I'm not sure how to upload screen shots but these are my settings:

1. Open Outlook 2019
2. In "Send/Receive" and "Send/Receive Groups" I have checked "Disable Scheduled Send Receive"
3. In "Send/Receive" and "Define Send/Receive Groups" if I click on "All Accounts" and "Edit" the box beside "Include the selected account in this group" is unchecked
4. I click on "Work Offline" then go to "Home" and "New e-mail"
5. I compose an e-mail to myself (as a test message) and click on send
6. I go to Outbox where the unsent test message is located
7. I press the F9 key
8. The message sends, but I do not receive it
This is what I was trying to achieve. Now I can spend my morning working offline, uninterrupted by new e-mails. I can respond to e-mails from the day before (and send them) without getting distracted by new e-mails that arrive that morning. I think this will (hopefully) make me more efficient!

Many thanks for your explanation - really useful thing.