"Send on Behalf" with a personalized email alias via GoDaddy custom Domain

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I have MS365 Personal Subscription and want to upgrade to MS365 Family Subscription, to then setup my family. I thought I'd invest in doing so and make use of a new GoDaddy custom domain and then connecting and adding the personalized alias. However, before I upgrade the subscription, I wanted to test functionality making sure all works as expected, however I'm experiencing this showstopper situation and if it can't be "fixed", then I'm not going with Family Subscription and also not repeat this exercise for other families unfortunately.


When sending an email to external parties, using the new alias from address,

(which didn't need to manually type, but just select: "someone@customdomain"),

the emails are delivered but with the unfortunate "send on behalf" tag which is then also identified as suspicious because the sender is different from the from address.


Am I missing something? Should I make my new custom alias the primary address? I can't use this whole premium solution to send such tagged emails if this is going to be the case, who would want to ? Manual client-side whitelisting isn't worth the effort.


- Using a standard alias with a Microsoft Domain does not tag it, it works as expected.

- Email header results from the custom domain alias: SPF=pass, DKIM=pass, CompAuth=failed, DMARC=not configured even with Microsoft Domains such as @live, @hotmail, @outlook. (Would've wanted to add the DNS record for DMARC to reject as a next step).

Here are a couple of screenshots from Outlook clients on pc & mobile, and even GMail on web is complaining:

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