"search" failure of contacts and mails in Outlook 365

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Since a few days we cannot anymore do a "search" in the mails and in the contacts. It always gives "no results".


On the other hand, if you put the mouse on the "contacts" icon a window pops-up with a direct search for contacts. This is a standard possibility in Outlook, so nothing special. If we put an name in this window we do get the right answers.


We already compressed the "personal map" (Outlook.pst) and the "archive map" (archive.pst) and reindexed Windows 10 (incl. Outlook) but nothing helped.


It's very annoying if you have 4000 contacts, completely worked out, and you cannot get anymore things like "contacts in company xyz" or "the mails from mr. abc".


Is their anybody having a clue what's wrong and how we can fix it?


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I've seen mention of the same thing in the Answers groups.

It was mentioned that a recent update in Office365 broke the search for some and the only solution (so far) has been to install an older version.

If it's a general problem of the actual version, maybe it's best to wait for the next update. Lots of other people must have the same problem.



I use Outlook as a POP3 account. All info is thus on my computer. In the "account settings" the data-files have a file-location string that starts like:


and not, as I expected:



I copied the file in Explorer, opened Outlook, delete the file in the account settings and added it again, it first was defined as C:\.... but after a while it became again \\?\C:\...

Could this be the reason of the problems?

Having same problem with Outlook 2016.
Found this article:
Applying it did NOT fix the problem (currently on version 1706, build 8229.2073).
Still waiting for a solution