"Search Folder" Is not including emails in the Inbox

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It is only including emails I've filed in sub folders although I've selected Inbox:




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Hi, I think You need to use the Application.AdvancedSearch method which performs a search based on a specified DAV Searching and Locating (DASL) search string. The method and related features in the Outlook object model do not create a Search Folder that will appear in the Outlook user interface. However, you can use the Save method of the Search object that is returned to create a Search Folder that will appear in the Search Folders list in the Outlook user interface.

@S0Fr33 What sort order are you using on the search folder? If you remove the check mark from subfolders, does it find messages in the Inbox? 

@Diane Poremsky I am sorting by date received. If I remove the check for sub folders, it does find messages from the inbox. But of course, then doesn't find messages in the sub folders.

@melvinanorman99 , thanks for the input but - Wow! That is very complicated. I don't have the patience to work that out, it seems like my screenshot should work based on the instructions.

@S0Fr33 if you sort by folder are there any from the inbox? 

@Diane Poremsky I don't see the option to sort by folder:




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@S0Fr33 Are you in search results - either search folder or instant search? 




@Diane Poremsky OK, I did navigate to the search folder and sorted by folder and - (gulp) the Inbox was there! I don't know, but it's working. Thanks for your help!