"Potential Matches" in Outlook search - delete

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When I use the search bar in Outlook 365 I get a drop down list with Suggested Searches and with Potential Matches.


I want to delete both of these "suggestion" lists as they don't have much relevance.

Any suggestions?


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What type of email account?

If an Outlook.com or office 365 mailbox, open Outlook on the web, then Settings > View all Outlook settings > General > Privacy and data > Delete history to delete the suggested searches. This will remove keywords (from outlook desktop) but it will not remove contacts. To the best of my recollection, the contacts can't be removed but I'll double check.

Dear Diane, thank you so much for replying to me. I tried that, and it doesn't seem to solve the issue.


The part I want to "delete" or "get rid of" is in the Outlook App. And it is when I go to Search - start typing e.g. a name, and then I get a "split" drop down list of 1) Suggested Searches and 2) Potential Matches (containing actual email that has the name I type in Search as part of the TO: list. It is #2 that I want to delete. It even gives me matches of emails that I have positively deleted permanently from Trash using the "purge" functionality (in Trash). Very weird (and annoying)