"outlook does not recognize one or more names" error while sending mails

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Hi team


Please help me with the above error which reads as "outlook does not recognize one or more names" and which always comes while sending an email to any person which is not there in my contact list on Outlook 2010.


So in case if I want to send an email to a new email account then I always have to add that email account first to the contact list and only then it sends email. Or else it gives an error "outlook does not recognize one or more names".


Please help me. Please. Thanks in advance

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@horapawan  If you type an email address in the to field and tab out, is the address underlined? (That indicates it was resolved).  Does the message come up when you send the message? 


You should only get that if the address is incomplete or not resolved. If the person is not in contacts, you need to enter their full email address. If you want to enter their name and address, enter it like this:

full name <address>;