"New' Outlook for Mac: flag email for follow-up on a custom date

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Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 15.36.20.pngIn the legacy version of the Mac Outlook client I could flag an email for follow-up, specify a date, and set a reminder. I used this feature on a regular basis.

In 'new' Outlook, I can flag an email for follow-up but there's no longer an option to specify a date.  It's either flag, or unflag. So I can't get a reminder - I have to filter my inbox to see all the flagged emails - and there's no way of setting a due date.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 15.39.26.pngThe only online guidance I can find suggests reverting to the legacy version of Outlook! Is that really the only option?? I can't quite believe that a key feature has been completely removed from new Outlook. 

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This is the single reason I've stayed on the legacy version and avoided turning on 'new' Outlook.

@philsmit Same, but we're experiencing increasing glitches with the legacy version. I so wish They would only ADD features, and never remove them like this!

Completely agree. I've provided this feedback in the pop-up that appears when I switch back from the new Outlook to the legacy version.


I just switched to the new version and noticed the inability to select a custom date for flags as well.  Very frustrating.  However, as a workaround you can select 'today' when initially flagging, then go to that item under the calendar and right click and you get the option to edit the due date.  Again, incredibly stupid and a step backward but still a possibility. @LynnProspect 

Agreed. I use this feature constantly and it's annoying to have to go into my Tasks and change each Flagged Email date appropriately. They took a 1 step process and made it multiple steps. Not exactly efficient.



I'm sure you've noticed that pin/unpin and Block have been disabled as well. I get updates as soon as they're released and no changes. Oh, it was so much fun adding a gmail, yahoo, and icloud account to my desktop version -not. For a system that still produces updates for the "new" Outlook, they either aren't looking very hard, or just don't care since their cash cow is 365. VERY frustrating. I want to stay with the new version, but the 2021 mac may force me backwards to the butt ugly version. Ugh.