"New' Outlook for Mac: flag email for follow-up on a custom date


Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 15.36.20.pngIn the legacy version of the Mac Outlook client I could flag an email for follow-up, specify a date, and set a reminder. I used this feature on a regular basis.

In 'new' Outlook, I can flag an email for follow-up but there's no longer an option to specify a date.  It's either flag, or unflag. So I can't get a reminder - I have to filter my inbox to see all the flagged emails - and there's no way of setting a due date.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 15.39.26.pngThe only online guidance I can find suggests reverting to the legacy version of Outlook! Is that really the only option?? I can't quite believe that a key feature has been completely removed from new Outlook. 

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This is the single reason I've stayed on the legacy version and avoided turning on 'new' Outlook.

@philsmit Same, but we're experiencing increasing glitches with the legacy version. I so wish They would only ADD features, and never remove them like this!

Completely agree. I've provided this feedback in the pop-up that appears when I switch back from the new Outlook to the legacy version.