"Microsoft LDAP Directory service" error

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Hello everyone,

I work as local tech support and in the last two weeks or so I am getting weird tickets with errors "Microsoft LDAP Directory service" with the follow up text "The search using the LDAP directory server cannot be performed within the specified time limit. "


I do believe that this issue might be resolved on the server side through AD admins, if they would increase the threshold for LDAP query timeout. Or am I wrong and is this more client oriented issue? This issue pops up with random users and I am not really sure how to resolve this kind of issue from user's side except to go all the way via complete device re-image (but that seems like overkill to me). Also not sure on how I would go on troubleshooting this issue; for someone this pops out once per day, but we also have another user who is getting this error every 10 minutes.


Also this issue seems to be not limiting anyone in their work - it is just extremely inconvinient and annoying.


Any ideas / suggestions I could take on user's side, before I hand over this issue to AD admins? (the thing is that they won't move a finger unless some sort of troubleshooting has been done; AD admins is also completely different company ....).

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