"Insert as Text" in New Outlook?

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This question is specific to the "New Outlook" for Windows that you can enable in preview form, not the regular version.


With the regular version of Outlook for Windows, we frequently use the "Insert as Text" option which lets you select an HTML file and have that HTML render in the email body. We are looking for a way to achieve the same thing in the new Outlook, but I can't find the option.

Is there any way to do this in the new Outlook? I see that I'm able to open the HTML file in a web browser, select all, copy, and paste into an email message, but the formatting is not perfect. I'm looking for a method that is more like the old way, where you select the HTML file.


Is this supported in the new Outlook?

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I've been looking for the same solution. I'll share if I have luck.
New Outlook doesn't support that - you can copy and paste or if it's text you use a lot, create a template (which are not like templates in the big boy Outlook - they just insert boilerplate text).

New Outlook is Outlook on the web in an app framework. If it's not supported in Outlook on the web, it's not in new Outlook.

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I found a solution. It is possible to "Insert as Text" by creating a new group (You can name the group anything you want) and add the command "Attach File" that will allow you to file as text (Insert as Text).


***Important make sure you select the "Attach File" command that you see "Home mail Tab | HTML... when you hover over it. ***

Anyway, see YouTube vids to assist. "How to add HTML header to your outlook email" (yeah, it's old but, helpful)
or "Microsoft Outlook - Customizing the Ribbon to Meet Your Needs". Good luck & happy emailing. Noé.

This only applies to the old version of Outlook. You cannot customize the toolbar in this way in the new Outlook.