"Browse groups" & "New Group" button missing from Home Tab in Outlook 2016

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I am missing "Browse groups" & "New Group" button from the Home Tab in Outlook 2016

So I can not see, by using Outlook, which groups already exists ...


Who has the same problem?
Anyone got an idea?


I am using MS Office Professional Plus 2016 (Version 16.0.4456.1003)

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It's by design I guess, but you can check the already created groups under "All groups" in the address book of Outlook 2016.

The buttons are not located on the Home tab for "generic" mail items, you need to select a Group first to get the Home tab updated with the relevant options.

That's true, but unlike OWA, in the rich client there is no such thing as "Browse groups" or "Discover", and can't even be added by customizing the Home tab.



I do have them though. What channel are you on? Check if there's newer Office version available.

OK, I see now.

I've taken the screenshot from an "Office 2016 Professional Plus" Outlook, same version as @Luc Debois - which is btw. the fully updated version.

If I check an "Office 365 ProPlus" Outlook (FR, Deferred channel), I can see the "Browse Groups" on the ribbon indeed. So it seems this feature is not delivered to the perpetual license based Outlook 2016 versions yet.



See screencapture for Dutch version .. there you see the group "Groups" on the Home Tab.

I reinstall Office .. I have now MS Office professional Plus 2016 ... and the option isn't available anymore ... :(

What is wrong or when will it be available in MS Office professional Plus 2016 



Just had the same issue. And some groups were missing to be displayed as well.

Do you have the x64 version installed? It was my case and had to uninstall/reinstall 32 bits version, which is working fine (group tab in the ribbon & all groups correctly displayed).



@Luc Debois 

I am a newbie administration staff in my corporation. We have 10 users with fully licensed Office 365 and Window. 

One of our users is having the same situation like you while others is working fine. When I log in by that account via Outlook in the web, the "Group" drop-down button in "Folder Pane" still exists meanwhile in Outlook in PC, there is no "Group" drop-down button in Folder Pane, no button "Browse Group", "New Group" in the Ribbon pane but  I still can see all the groups this user has in the Address Book button (Ctrl+Shift+B) in the Ribbon Pane. 

This is my Outlook's screenshot: as you can see, the symbol of "Browse Group" works, but in that users's case, the button does't work and is disabled like the button "Undo" in this screenshot picture.


Therefore, the error can not be fixed by recustomizing the Ribbon or setting up the quick access toolbar. I tried to reinstall the Office 365, it does not work.




why is it greyed out. I have admin's with this requesting case support.