Quickbooks not emailing through Outlook

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I have Quickbooks Desktop premium 2018 and it has always worked with my Outlook email to send invoices and quotes.

Recently after Windows and Quickbook updates, the connection to Outlook no longer works. When I go into the Quickbook setting I see Outlook is not the default email. However, when I select outlook I get the message to go to Outlook and make it the default email. It is.

Quickbook support was unhelpful. they could only send me a document suggesting I uninstall Office and Quickbooks, and re-install. That is a receipt for additional problems.

Any ideas as to what settings I need to change in Outlook to fix this problem?

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Do you have more than one profile in Outlook? 

Are you using 32 or 64 bit Office? 


In Settings > Defaults  App  click Set Defaults by app and make sure Outlook have every default. 

Thank you, Diane! I have spent the last three days pulling my hair out trying to re-connect QuickBooks with Outlook and your mention of "more than one profile" was the clue I needed to solve the problem! Very appreciative of your input!