Public folders have disappeared in NEW outlook for Mac

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Just switched to Microsoft Outlook for Mac version 16.42. Public folders have disappeared and the option is greyed out under tools. if I switch back to the old outlook, the public folders are there again.


How do I get them in the new outlook?

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@brad_andersonat this point, Outlook for Mac can't be even considered as Outlook anymore, it's a really dumbed down Version that tries to be "Outlook for mobile", while abandoning all the features you are used to in a corporate environment (what happened to the sharing option? Permission settings? not to mention the goddamn Public folders, which now disappeared completely).

I'm waiting for the day when *mozilla thunderbird* integrates better into a microsoft corporate environment than outlook for mac..

Shame on you Microsoft, for leaving the corporate users behind, without any further notice.

As I said, they removed a user friendly way to configure access for PF via the GUI. what they did, is just a way to say: "we removed the GUI-option, but you still can use that error prone script, putting all the responsibility to you, if something goes wrong! oh, and you can change permissions for 100 subfolders via GUI, one by one, this will be so much fun!"
but what am I complaining, it's the microsoft way, like it always was.

Anyone aware of any updates on Public Folders in New Outlook for Mac?

Or even a more recent forum thread about it?


@redpaw Well… Not gonna happen apparently, they went to recommend using groups:


See attachment: „Folders“

Very bad. We have many public Folders since more than 20 years that we must continue to use.