Problems with sending mail via outlook on apple mail

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Hello! I'm not sure if I'm in the right place here, but I've been looking all over the places for a solution or a place to chat for support, but can't find any of that. The problem is, I have an outlook email account (hotmail) and I use it on my iMac, via apple mail. This always worked fine. Since last week I have problems. I can still receive emails and that's all fine, but when I want to answer them there are problems. I already tried changing the smtp settings. Nothing works. I always get this message: 


The sender address 'email' has been rejected by the server ''

The response from the server was: Client is not authenticated to send mail.


I have two hotmail email addresses and one forwards the email to my primary one. Does it have something to do with that? I've never had problems before and also didn't change anything. This just happened. I also tried deleting my account and installing it again on apple mail.


It's very annoying, hopefully someone can help me.

Thank you!







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Please check this information:   Fix email sync issues (                     

I have the same problem on my Mail/Mac High Sierra 10.13.6.

Please help to fix the bug. Thanks