Problems signing into Microsoft with Hotmail account

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I have 1 Hotmail account and 2 Gmail accounts. For a long time now I have used my Hotmail address within the Gmail app to send and receive emails to and from Hotmail address. Now I have been told via email to said address that I can no longer use my Hotmail address to "send" emails only to "receive" emails. I have spent on and off the last 3 weeks on Google to try and find answers. I have been on Google's forum but I have not had any answers. And to be perfectly honest I want to close my hotmail.account. I sign into Microsoft to delete account and it requires verification. Trouble is my phone number that was initially set up I no longer have and cannot change it without that verification code. I have Microsoft Authenticator app and cannot use the codes that have been generated by them. I have registered my Gmail account with Microsoft with new phone number but am at a loss as to what I should do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Sign in to Hotmail or Outlook_com
Go to the Outlook_com sign-in page and select Sign in.
Enter your email address or phone number and select Next.
On the next page, enter your password and select Sign in.



Thanks for reply. I had already tried that multiple times over the last couple of weeks. But I have followed your steps. Although this first step was not in your reply.

First off I installed Microsoft Authenticator app. Signed in, but it required verification of my identity. Options were... "Approve request on Authenticator app or use a verification code from mobile app". Or " I have a code" or " Show more verification methods" If I chose that method it the shows ******* and the last 2 digits of my mobile number. Unfortunately the mobile number is my old mobile number and I cannot update to my new mobile number until I can verify my identity ? Then there is a option " Don't have any of these"chose that option and it gives a link to update my security information. Went to that link, signed in and took to "Verify your identity"

Do you see my quandary? I cannot get code from Authenticator app as it's not finished being set up I guess.

I have already tried all these options before with obviously no luck. Been on forums etc and just get run around in circles.

All I want to do is update my mobile number and then tbh I want to remove my Hotmail account as I'm totally fed up trying to fix this. I have set up my Gmail account on Microsoft and have all the correct details. If there is a way for me to change my mobile number on my Hotmail account, if I then remove said Hotmail account will all my information still be available when I sign into Microsoft via my Gmail account?

Hope this all makes so sort of sense to you




No need for reply.

I have just finished a mammoth session with Microsoft "Chat"

Old mobile number changed for new...just got to wait 30 days for all to go thru.

Thanks for help