Problems setting up email on Outlook 365

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I had 2 gmail accounts and my Rogers account on Outlook 365 on a PC with Windows 10.  One day a week or so ago I suddenly could not delete messages on the Rogers account.   I could still send and receive however.   The account was set up as IMAP I believe.    Around the same time I deleted one of the Gmail accounts and added another one.


I decided to delete the Rogers account - and try to re-install it.   The system says that it is connnected and installed but messages are not being received.  They are going to other devices and to the web-based Yahoo mail.


I've tried installing manually but it does not give me options to continue that -- just says that it is connected / done.    I'm aware that an app password could be used.   When I went to my account on Yahoo Outlook 365 is already authorized so I cannot generate a password (and have no idea what the password might be).


Suggestions appreciated.



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I have subsequently found that I can send messages out on the Rogers account but cannot receive messages