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I monitor multiple email accounts using Outlook 365.  Today Outlook 365 desktop began giving errors when launching.  I discovered it was due to my email and problems went away when I deleted that account.  I have been unable to re-add my email back to Outlook desktop app.

Next step was to launch  I received the following error message:

Something went wrong
Access is denied.
X-OWA-CorrelationId 719069db-151d-5305-afd5-ba1952d07c50
X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaADObjectNotFoundException
X-OWA-Version 15.20.3261.20
X-FEServer DM6PR06CA0054
X-BEServer DM6PR01MB4523
Date:8/8/2020 1:41:11 AM

I am able to access  and other online apps except the outlook and calendar.  first thought was the maybe outlook server was down, but I can access other accounts.


Any help please

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I got an error message this morning advising that I was off line - all attempts to rectify the issue have been unsuccessful, including rebooting, updating the software, deleting the email account and trying to reinstate it.  I can access emails via gmail  and on my phone but they are not syncing with my laptop.   I prefer outlook. Please advise solutions?

@lynnepeirse  the things you describe apply to me as well, so we have the same issue.  hopefully someone can advise or it will clear up

Yes this has stumped me. I can usually trouble shoot things like this but I think this one is beyond me....

@lynnepeirse thanks, I am glad i am not alone

@craig2020 Disappointing that no one can provide an answer or solution.  further searches appear to indicate it may be a problem with a MS server, but that's kind of guess because I can't find anything recent.  


I appear to be able to send emails from the affected account using outlook on my android phone, but am unable to receive emails.

same issue