Printing an email from outlook in the browser makes the browser tab freeze

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I usually use outlook in the browser and the browser I normally use is Chrome, I run Windows 10.  However, when I go to print an email from the browser the browser tab freezes.  This does not happen when doing this from the desktop app nor from the browser when using MS Edge.  Also, printing any web page doesn't make it freeze - nor does printing the inbox - which I did just for completeness (well as far as getting the printer's preview, after the outlook preview anyway).

I would post in a chrome forum but this doesn't appear to be a chrome issue as web pages do print from there and the issue is just with individual emails from outlook online.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Many thanks.

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We noticed the same thing on Wednesday. We found a workaround by using Ctrl-P after opening the email in its own window.

@JenksTechnology  That's great, thank you, yes it allows me to print that way, which I hadn't found for myself.


Hopefully, those awfully nice people at both Chrome and MS Outlook will eventually look into it and fix it properly.

I had the same issue. As of 3/28/22, this has been fixed for me. Thank you for posting this problem. Another workaround for me was to use Firefox for printing. (Ctrl+P in Chrome would print the whole email screen in addition to the email itself.)