Primary Account Deleted from desktop Outlook. Now can't add new job's email

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Left a job that I had email attached to home outlook account.  Now I have new job with new o365 account.  Office applications are now downloaded and under that new account except for Outlook.


I have created the account under Windows->Settings->Access Work or School Account.  But at the same time, the new account does not show up under emails and accounts (attepmting to add gives error message "This Microsoft Account Doesn't Exist").


When I open Outlook - tries to have me log on to old account.  I just hit cancel and it goes into Outlook without a connection.  When trying to add a new account, error message "This email address has already been added".


I've actually uninstalled and installed outlook - still can't get new work email added to outlook without this error.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Get into Control Panel > User Accounts > Mail (Microsoft Outlook)
Profiles > Show Profiles. Select the Profile in the window and then click the Properties button
Then click the Email Accounts button and navigate the Editor to make the required changes.
You will probably have the old Company ID listed and need to remove that and add the new company email.

@Forrest Hoffman 

This basically got me to the same spot in outlook as File->Account->Account settings. I can get my personal live account (same as hotmail) as the primary. But trying to add my new company still gets the following error (even though I see no reference to that email in Account Settings. Outlook error.jpg

In my opinion, it sounds like the old company is still being cached as the licensed user for the Outlook client, but it somehow knows about the new company.
You could check the "Credential Manager" and remove all instances of the old company. If that fails, you may need to clear out the Outlook settings using "Office Cleaner" or manually editing registry. Both of those are sort of last-ditch efforts and will take some time to do. But I have no other ideas.

I had a similar issue. I had no visible email account for the removed email and I got an error when I tried to re-add the email account under File -> Add Account.

What I did was:
Go to File -> Office Account -> Switch Account -> Choose the old account(It was still accessible from here) -> Sign out -> Then re-add the account under File -> Add Account.

Hope this helps you and future readers.


I actioned both the suggestions above related to cleaning the credential register as well as change the office account but the issue persisted. I had to log into the old Microsoft Account (OWA), thankfully it was accessible and under My Apps section remove the Outlook and Calendar apps. It instantly fixed the issue. Thanks.