Postmaster Undeliverables happening frequently with no obvious reason

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For close to a year now I've been receiving Postmaster Undeliverables fairly regularly when I try to send emails from my hotmail address. I can't see any pattern to them. For example, I can be halfway through a back and forth chain with a couple of colleagues, when suddenly an email of mine will just fail to get through. The message I get is always the same - "Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it."

There is no pattern as to which particular colleagues or which servers or email providers reject my emails. It can range from private company accounts to gmails, blueyonders etc.


At first I thought it was because I had a graphic banner on my email signature, so I took that off, but it didn't help. I also have a link to my website in my signature, but it had been working absolutely fine with that up until about this time last year.


A friend suggested clicking 'switch to plain text' when re-sending a rejected email, which I have found works up to a point. However it's now the case that I'm having trouble sending attachments, and if I attach a file and try to send it to someone, and the email gets rejected, then switching to plain text doesn't work.


It's driving me kind of bonkers because my hotmail has been my email address since 1999 (!!) and I use it for freelance work. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for fixes?

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