Possible to automatically add todays date+5 and parts of an email to quick step?

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I get several emails a day that I have to forward to another area to handle. When I forward it, I need to put some information from the email body into the subject and add a due date which is 5 days from send date


I was able to make the process easier by creating a quick step that automatically adds the text that I need to write, but a I am trying to find a way either through quick step or VBA to automatically pull the Problem ID number which always begins with PR the enter number (e.g PR-1234), and  the title of the problem which is part of the first paragraph of the original email. Then I need to write please respond by a date 5 days from now,. I want the subject to look like "FW: Sink broke on 2nd floow, PR-1234, please respond by 12/17/21.



Is this possible?


Thank you in advance

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Yes that's possible. You have to create a macro/add-in yourself or hire somebody.