People Search doesn't work as expected in Outlook

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There is a global search box in outlook where we can search for emails, attachments, people etc.

I use this search box to search for people from whom I received or to whom I sent emails. But it is not working the same way for people as it works for searching email contents.


For example, I enter the search term 'man' in subject, it returns the emails with subject that contains 'man', it can either be mandatory, harman etc. (subject need not start with man)


But when I search for people with 'man' as the search term it only returns the results with people names that start with 'man'. Hazman is returned, while Manoj is returned.


Is this is the expected behavior or is it a bug or am I missing something here? Someone please help me here.


The same is applicable while creating a new email also - when you try to search for people in 'To' section, the same issue occurs.

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