People card in Outlook business app not showing all informations

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Dear all

We are switching from office 2016 to office 365 business app in my company.  I'm just facing one issue and I don't find what's is wrong.

The people card doesn't work.

On my personal computer with my own personal licence of office 365, when I connect to my company email, everything is working, so it's not a global setting on our account.


But when I use the Outlook 365 from the company (on the network or not of the company), the card is not showing the organizational chart, the group membership and the pictures of the user.

card in apps.png

 Everything is working fine in outlook web.

Currently nothing is configured on "".

And I try to add all several url in the proxy exeption.

What could be the blocking point? which url is mandatory to unblock in the proxy? (i pressume it's that).

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I've put all the urls provided by Microsoft as proxy exeption.

Now all the card are working on fixed workstation at work, but not on laptop.

The only remaining difference exept the usage of a VPN is that we have different GPO. But I don't find wich one could be the blocking point.

Any idea?