PDF's, webpages and Excel files not saving as PDFs or XLS files

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Some time in the past week, all my PDF docs and downloaded docs, whether from Outlook or Google Chrome, are now saving as .24 files with an Internet Explorer default. I used to have all PDFs opening in Edge, and they still do if opened from my files, but nothing is saving properly anymore unless I add .pdf or .xls to the end of a file name as I save.  I was able to change the default for .mht and .mhtml back to Edge, but the default for the .24, only offers the option of IE and Notepad. Even so, nothing saves without the addition of .pdf or .xls as needed. I almost lost a huge Excel file yesterday when it saved to IE, and then had no way to open. I had to rebuild the whole thing. Not a huge deal, but annoying. Any ideas?

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