OWA Rules not working automatically

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Dear Community,

We are having issues with the a rule of an OWA shared mailbox.

We created the following rule:
1. Mail from => "email address removed for privacy reasons"
2. AND Subject includes => [Success]
3. Move to => (Folder) "xxxxxxxxxx"



The rule did work (couple months ago), but it's not working automatically anymore.

When we run the rule manually, the rule works.

We've been thinking about what've changed, but we couldn't come up with something.

What we did or checked:

1. The mailbox is not full
2. We removed all other rules
3. We renamed and moved the previous folders 
4.  Created a new folder for the rule/mails

But those actions didn't do the trick.

Please let us know if any of you have experienced this before and found the solution for it :).




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I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


I recommend removing the brackets [ ] around the word Success then try it.


Let me know if this works by giving me a thumbs up or mark it as the best response.


Have a good day.




Hi @Teresa_Cyrus,

Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

We removed the brackets around the word "Success".




But it seems that it doesn't have any effect, the emails are not moving to the selected folder.


The rule does work when activated manually.

 Kind regards,






I investigated this issue a little further. It appears that you are not alone.  However, I found this article, Add rules to a shared mailbox (microsoft.com).  Truly, I believe you have already followed these instructions but let's eliminate them.

If the problem continues, contact the MS Support team.  This way, the issue is reported and potentially escalated to be fixed.  Keep me in the loop.  

Thank you.