OWA keyboard shortcuts are extremely buggy

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I'll get straight to the point: does Microsoft have any plans to make keyboard shortcuts more reliable in OWA, or are we stuck with the unreliable implementation forever?


For years now, I've periodically checked out OWA to see if it can be my primary email client. I rely heavily on keyboard shortcuts to make myself more efficient when I'm processing a bunch of messages, and OWA constantly gets in my way because it seems to lose focus and requires me to click the message again before it'll accept keyboard input. This completely defeats the purpose of keyboard shortcuts.


Gmail has done this right for years, probably almost a decade at this point. If keyboard shortcuts are enabled, they perform the associated action. In OWA, it's anyone's guess whether or not keyboard input will be recognized.


What needs to happen for Microsoft to fix this? Is there somewhere better I can file a bug report? Would it help if I opened a Premier case?

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