OWA for Android problems


Our employees using Android devices to access company email from OWA for Android are getting system prompts "OWA app must reset". They go through the reset process and get back to the original system prompt "OWA app must reset". I have asked them to remove OWA for Android and reinstall it. Still the same error.

There are no system advisory messages in the O365 admin web portal.

I found these posts from yesterday:


No replies from Microsoft on these login issues.


Any one from Microsoft have information on this error?

Thank you.

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We have the same issue as yours. It's affecting everyone at my company.


Bill Gates is using Android phone. I'm wondering if he will whine at Microsoft OWA Developer team if he found out that the OWA Android is no longer working?



I hope OWA for Android gets fixed, now that Bill Gates switched to an Android phone.

I opened a ticket with Microsoft Support yesterday- have not heard updates from them yet.

Same thing here.


Putting a call into support.

Still no announcement in the O365 Admin web portal of this widespread issue.


Still cannot use OWA for Android this morning.

The solution the Tech gave me was to just not use the OWA app and use the phone's built in app.

I had to demand to talk to a Manager.

I had to remind them it's not my fault the app hasn't been updated and that Microsoft is dragging their feet on letting Government tenants use the newer Outlook for Android app so we are stuck using OWA whether I like it or not.

All in all a very poor Support experience so far. Waiting for the next call back.


We had the same issue and solved it by installing Outlook for android.


I know its not the best option but its a solution.

Totally agree with you!

We have that app blocked for now until we test it.


OWA for Android needs to be fixed.


Trust me, we wish we could use that app but Microsoft won't let Government tenants use it.

Oh! I didnt know that, we are a school in Mexico.

Hope they fix it soon.

Try uninstalling the updates for the Android System WebView.

Settings -> Apps -> Android System WebView -> Uninstall Updates

Thanks, Cary.


I am testing these settings and will let you know the results.

I'm still waiting for a co-worker to test as well.

That was something I discovered on my own, definitely not suggested by the useless Microsoft Support.


Several of our employees do not have that feature in their Android phones.


Their Chrome version is 61.0.3163.98, which is the latest.

OWA for Android still not working.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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Then it might be something similar on their phones. But it's what Android apps use to display web pages inside the app. It isn't Chrome. Maybe on their phones it is called something else.

My co-workers was able to unistall the updates and it is now working for him.

Thanks, Cary! I'll have our employees look for something similar in their Android phones and remove that feature.


Congrats on finding a solution!


I had some users in that situation and your anwser solve the problem.


The sugestion to use outlook doesn't solve the problem for who uses shared mailboxes and need to access it. That's why the OWA is the app to use by default ;)

Thx and one more time Thx :)

My OWA went down a week or so ago. This happened some time ago took weeks to get an app update. I am using another mail app noe

I was having the exact same problem with the OWA reset.  Based on what I saw in other threads, I uninstalled the latest Chrome update and OWA started working again.  Try that.