Outlooks folder and ribbon plane visual bug

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Hi Community,


Recently 2 of our devices have had the same issue with regards to the visual look of outlook. The areas affected are the ribbon plane, folder plane and the bottom bar with in Outlook. The version of

Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 (Version 2110 Build 16.0.14527.20270) 64-bit.


I have attempted to run the quick and online repair from control panel and I have even reinstalled Office completely but the issue still seems to come back and it has only occurred on Outlook so far. 


Anyone else having this issue and does anyone have any suggestions.


Thank you.




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Ich hatte das Problem bei einem anderen Programm (secure crt) und dort gabs probleme mit der button bar (alles übereinander usw.)
hatte dann den Treiber Grafikkarte und den visual c runtime setup alles drüber gebügelt und es lief wieder.

Hi @DaveBraus, thanks for the advice but I have already updated the drivers and ran all the windows updates possible but the issue still occurs and why would it only affect Outlook and not other apps. 


Thanks again for the response. 

Hi, i know. in my failure was only this app broken and after reinstall in the first step the video driver (without any solutions) i update the VC runtimes and i have no problems anymore.
greetings david

I have had two clients that have experienced a similar issue. One I chalked up to a potential hardware issue, but now that it seems it's not entirely a hardware issue. This looks to be a visual bug that seems to currently affect Outlook. Closing and reopening Outlook does temporarily remedy this issue until it is experienced again. I have completed all driver updates as well as Office updates on both units to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated to fully remedy this issue. I added a screenshot below with any potential confidential information that wasn't a part of the issue redacted.