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I have multiple accounts in Outlook - when I change the 'from' for invitations to the specific account that I want to send the invitation from, the recipients receive it from my original account and not the one selected.  Any way to solve?




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Does this only happen for invitations, or regular messages too? How are the accounts added in Outlook, are they perhaps shared mailboxes that are automapped?
Just in case, check under File > Options > Mail > Send messages > Always use the default account when composing messages.

@Vasil Michev - Hi


This only happens in calendar invites....  mails go out from each account perfectly (unless I forget to switch :) )


Not sure what you mean by shared mailboxes and automapped..... the use default account is ticked for messages




Try unticking it :)
Thanks Vasil - did that but doesn't change the invitations unfortunately. It is still going out from my private account which I do not want...

And what happens if you create a new invitation by selecting the "correct" account first, without using the From button?
Hi Vasil - same thing. Whichever calendar account I go to send the invite from, it defaults to my personal mail as the first invitee and that I cannot change....