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Hi i recently added a second email and now i cant see my other calendar any ideas please 


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Hi James, are you talking about OUtlook Mobile? or Desktop? @james_100 

@GeoffLCS  desktop, it seems to be pulling through on my phone but not on laptop

Thanks, so I recently added a MAPI email account to my Outlook desktop. My main account is Office 365 for Business. I can see that calendar, but I notice on my Desktop, I don't have a Calendar for my new account....though.
I wonder if it's related to what your default email account is then? I can only see my default email account calendar.
i have set it up as default, it has only been a problem since i added the other account
Ahh...OK. Sorry James, I may have reached the limit of my ability on this one. Is the default account, an Exchange account?
My only other suggestion would be to reset both accounts or maybe even delete the new one you have added and repeat the process. Other than that, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can help you sort this... Geoff