Outlook won't let me log in

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Hope this is on-topic for this forum.


I have an outlook.com email which I've been using for years, never changed the password or anything (OK, not the best idea, but it's the way it is). I use Thunderbird on Windows 11 to access this account, along with a few others.


Just today, Thunderbird started giving errors that it couldn't log in with this account. I went to outlook.com to try and log in there, and after a huge struggle with it, managed to change my password.


However, it then insisted on adding a related email. I tried to use the one I'd had associated with it before (same name but @gmail.com instead of @outlook.com), but it told me I couldn't as that was already a Microsoft account.


After going round in circles for some time, I finally gave up and chose the option to create a new outlook address.


Now when I try to log in to the original outlook.com address, it logs me in to the new one, and I can't persuade it to log me in to the original.


Is there anything I can do, or have I lost access to the old one?


Thanks for any help you can give.

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Anyone, I'm still locked out of my account